Student Reviews

Alex McKnight : Personal Training Diploma Graduate

Rachel Taggart : Personal Training Diploma Graduate

“Uni Learning made completing the Personal Training Diploma very straightforward. The online information and assessments were great for checking knowledge and I was able to learn everything I need to know to design and deliver training sessions/programmes. The online aspect was very informative and it was great to have on hand contact with the tutors for any queries. The course made me feel confident to take on clients for personal training and therefore I have expanded my business to include this.”

“Overall, I highly recommend Uni Learning. The tutors I have worked with have all been incredibly professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the courses I have completed with Uni Learning and will definitely use them again for further courses.”

Mosa Kambule : Personal Training Diploma Graduate

“I became a fully qualified PT through Uni Learning. Firstly passing my Level 2 fitness instructor then moving on to pass my Level 3 Personal Training course.

I’m glad I decided to complete my courses with Uni-Learning as they provided quality information that was easy to digest. They also had patience with me and constantly took their time to help me when I needed it.

I highly recommend them.”

Polyanna Silva: Personal Training Diploma Graduate

“I’m happy to say I really liked doing the Personal Training Diploma with Uni learning. They had excellent material to study with, amazing support from the head office to the tutor team.

Very professional approach to teaching us how to work in health & fitness industry. I am m very satisfied with Uni learning and would highly recommend them and will use in the future again.”

Ethan Savage: Personal Training Diploma Graduate

“The online learning method of completing courses is a great way to cover things at your own pace. If you already have a job and want to balance qualifications, you can jump in and out of the work you submit as part of your course, which makes things really easy to keep on top of. Being able to book your exams as and when you need/want to do them is also a huge help, because you’re never under any pressure to cram or put your self under any unnecessary stress!”