Training Support Grant

Training support grants of up to €1000 are available to Job seekers across Ireland which we are able to accept towards our courses. You need to enquire with your local Intero or Social welfare branch as detailed below. 

A Training Support Grant (TSG) is available to jobseekers and people getting certain other payments including PUP. The TSG provides quick access to short-term training that is focused on helping you get a job quickly. Your case officer can approve a grant under this scheme if it meets your identified needs (for example, as set out in your Personal Progression Plan).

How to qualify

The primary focus of this scheme is on jobseekers and on supporting job activation.  A Case Officer can approve a grant for someone seeking employment under this scheme where:

  • the course is not above level 6 on the National Framework of Qualifications
  • a training need is identified that is not otherwise provided by DSP or other state provider
  • the intervention identified is linked to both the activation needs of the jobseeker and labour market conditions
  • the intervention sought by the jobseeker forms part of the agreed personal progression or action plan to enter or re-enter the labour market.
  • they are satisfied that the jobseeker has provided reasonable evidence or grounds of need (for example a job offer or potential job offer) or an identified skill gap or a requirement to maintain or achieve accreditation.

How to apply

All applications for the Training Support Grant must be made via a Case Officer in your local Intreo or Social Welfare Branch Office.  A list of offices and their contact details is available below.

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